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Tricks to look slimmer

When you have a few or more pounds on your body, you try to hide it, but sometimes you make it more obviously . Here are some advice that will help you to feel and look better and thinner.

Tricks to look slimmer

1. Wear the same color from top to bottom, whatever bright or dark color you choose to were. You can accessorize with a shiny pair of shoes. 

2. Another option is to wear a blouse or shirt in a bright color with a dark color blazer or jacket on top because we all know that dark colors tends to minimize.

3. Avoid wearing blouses or pants with horizontal stripes and choose to wear vertical ones that thins.

4. Wear high heels. They will make you look taller, so thinner and let’s face it sexier :D. Much more better is to choose to wear a pair of jeans or pants that cover your heels, this way you will look like you have endless legs :)

5. Avoid wearing  high neck blouses or polo blouses and choose to wear for example V neck ones or boat-shaped neck blouses.

6. Wear high-waisted jeans or skirts made from an elastic material.

7. Wear dark colored clothes, especially on the part you know are a little more curvy and you want to hide.