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Make-up mistakes that make you ugly

I walk down the street and I see a lot of girls making the same mistakes over and over again and I decided to write about it because maybe you are doing the exact same thing and you don’t know it . This are the 5 worst mistake .

  • Using a much more darker tone for the foundation in a very thick layer – it looks bad because people see the difference between your face and the rest of your skin and it looks like a mask and you don’t want that/
  • Over-powdering – again you will look like you are wearing a mask. Try to use just a little after you shake the brush to loose the extra powder.Make-up mistakes that make you ugly
  • Exaggerated Drawing your eyebrows  or even worse drawing them with a black eyeliner –
    there is an even worse :) – drawing them as thin as you can. NO NO NO! You do not want to look like you are always surprised or like you have 2 black worms above your eyes.
  • Wrongly using the blush or using to much blush – either way you will look like a Russian doll or like a clown.  If you don’t know how to used it , please don’t use it !
  • Use a lip liner much darker than the lipstick – this is the perfect way to get a horror look :D. Use a lip liner the same shade as you lipstick or no lip liner at all because maybe a few decades ago was cool , but now..it isn’t!