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Make-Up Mistakes that add Ten Years

Sometimes we make make-up mistakes , but we don’t realize that they are wrong and we look older because of them . Here are some mistakes that you should avoid :

1. You use too much foundation ! Your natural look is gone and now you look like you are wearing a mask . I’m sure you don’t want that , so from now on you must use just as much foundation as you need.Make-Up Mistakes that add Ten Years

2. You over-conceal your under-eye circles . When you put too much conceal , your wrinkles are more obvious and you look old !

3. You wear deep, dark lip colors. A dark color makes anything look smaller and when it comes to lips, most of us want want to have big lips . So avoid dark colors, like wines, burgundies and use bright colors like pinkies , peaches.

4. You wear black eyeliner . You shouldn’t skip eyeliner, but use brown instead of black , because black makes you look older .

5. You choose a too dark eye brow pencil . When you put a darker color on your eyebrows, you look like a clown .